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Career Coaching for you. Mentorship that's about you, not who you know.​

Careers are tricky things.  And as many professionals have experienced over the past decade or two, the job market has undergone a radical transformation and become a much more complex, unpredictable, and challenging environment than in years past.  Blink once, and all the technology for finding jobs has changed.  Blink twice, and that solid career path you’ve been on may become increasingly unsteady, competitive, and unsatisfying.  How can one possibly keep up?  And where do you turn for help when you decide you need some expert assistance in jumping the curve?


In a normal case, a job hunter might discuss with a general career consultant to understand the potential issue through some psychological tests, but cannot lead to a solid direction with real-time industrial information. Or, maybe talk to a head-hunter to seek for advice, however, a head-hunter normally has too many clients to take care of your personal need. It is a long way to go in the career life, and in order to accompany our clients to grow up in the path, our career counselors will provide the most professional advice combining with your personal mental situation and career issue. With the taylor-made advice, you can choose the most comfortable condition and favorite mentor to have further and deeper discussion and more over, to find out the career issues and resolve it effectively and efficiently. There will be no unsecured feeling, but more understanding.   


ThinkX specializes in providing professionals with expert advice in improving their job hunting and career success.  Our mission is be a source of pragmatic career guidance to professionals of all ages, helping them successfully navigate through the intimidating sea of advice, tools, and resources that often leads even the most seasoned professionals to question if they’re going about the process the right way.



"Based around a simple yet powerful idea: we can build your career by building a long-term partnership with you."


Our candidates are at the heart of everything we do, and by getting to know your skills, experiences, personality and ambitions for the future, we’re here to support you on every step of your journey. We’re on hand to find you new and exciting roles to make sure you’re always progressing in the right direction and fulfilling your potential.


Spend 60 minutes one-on-one with one of our career coaches.



Browse our website of trusted coaches and select one based on your priorities—whether that's his/her advice specialties, industry or job title, or price.



When you book, we'll ask you to tell us a bit about yourself. We'll send those notes to your mentor so she can prep. Then she'll get in touch directly to schedule a date and time that works for you.



You’ll meet via phone or video conference for a 60-minute session customized to your needs and goals. Go ahead, ask anything and everything career - related.



We stand ready to help with any aspect of your career or job search you might have questions, we promise that instead of engaging in endless navel-gazing exercises, we’ll provide you with candid, customized, and action-oriented advice on how to approach the market and tackle your career challenges.



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