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“We improve the social effectiveness of people and organizations. Key to real progress is relating eco-changes at individual, organizational, sectorial and societal levels."

How does Recruitment Agencies work?
  • It's FREE! Register with ThinkX and tell us what sort of job you are looking for. Keep in regular contact, and maintain a good rapport with your recruitment consultant. Act upon their advice - they know exactly what employers are looking for. Accept interviews unless you've a strong reason not to, and ask for feedback after each one.


What is the difference of ThinkX from traditional recruitment company?

  • Different from the traditional recruiting consulting firms, ThinkX is more focusing on inducing your personal style, reminding you of your personal expressing way, and being your partner in your career life, rather than polishing your interview skill or hiding your personal characteristics. In addition, we value your inside, spirit and mental condition, so we have a team of various career specialists with different career backgrounds and industrial expertise for you to consult, besides of general professional recruiting consultants. You can choose your taylor-made career mentor based on the transparent and professional channels. 

What is the usual Recruitment Process?
  • Stage 1 - Application

Apply for a position you are interested in using a CV or application form. The job advertisement will tell you how you need to apply.

  • Stage 2 - Shortlisting

Shortlisting is used on all applicants to filter out the suitable candidates. Criteria is used to shortlist candidates so make sure your CV clearly contains your experience to meet each of them. Essential and Desirable criteria are included in the Job Description and Personnel Specification. PeopleLinkin will forward the most suitable candidates to the client who will shortlist further.

  • Stage 3 - Interview

The most suitable candidates will be invited to interview. ThinkX will help accommodate you as much as possible, remember that the client may also have a tight schedule. This is a chance for you to show your personality, professionalism and how you conduct yourself.

  • Stage 4 - Job Offer

If successful, you will be given the details and conditions of the job offer. Be honest at this stage and speak to ThinkX of any concerns you may have, they can advise you of the best decision.

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